Table Top Technology

Touch Free
Tap and go menu
Menu led light option
Charge customer's phone (4 ports)
Advertise special dish

Scan QR code
to access iMenuu

Access Menu on phone
or smart device

The server will receive order
on the other end and
start processing it.



Lighted Menu

Illuminate your store
specials with our
background lighting

Advertise Specials

Insert your store marketing
and special promotions

Save on Menu

Eliminate the expense of
purchasing expensive
menu or disposable menu

Phone charger

Your customer will
appreciated the opportunity
of Charging their phone
while waiting to be served.
Scan QR code to access iMenuu

iMenuu QR assignment: Each store is assigned with a unique QR code that identifies the place when customers scan their phone against store’s QR code which can be used at multiple tables as neccessary. Each store also comes with a unique number for identifying stores when placing a Dine-In, Takeout or Walk-In order.Each table in each store has a unique table number for identifying table to be served after request. Dine-In: Each store will receive unlimited iMenuu QR Coded as needed for table setup. Walk-In: Each store will receive a door QR Code for display to customers that are walking by their store and request a menu.



1-SCAN QR code

customers input their information, add order details and press order.

In under 5 seconds the order will receive on the other end to be process.

Food served or handle to a very happy customer minimizing cross contamination due to menu handling.


Customers will simply access and find the assigned store for their order or download imenuu app for easy access 24/7.
place their order throughour iMenuu platform efficiently, instead of waiting on the server to assist them.
This process can either ease work load or minimize the requirement for excess employees*.

Takeout: Customers can order via imenuu and pickup at restaurant location, with the option to pay in person or online.
Walk-In: For customers that are casually passing by, they can easily access imenuu door code to order food and eliminate time waiting in line before stepping foot into restaurant. This process is 70% more effective than traditional walk-in orders and speeds up the complete order process.

Contactless Payment System: Comes our contactless secure order taking payment terminal.Wireless tap and go terminal contact free.Customers will never have to give server their card rather tap card on terminal and go.


Eliminate menu expenses like printing, disinfecting chemicals, labor cost,
while promoting a contact –free non cross contamination menu awareness.

IMENUU device $ per Unit Warranty
iMenuu Table top hardware PREMIUN $50 1 year
iMenuu Tabletop permanent POSTERS $29.99 1 year
iMenuu Services & basic listing setup $0 Included in iMenuu
customer pay system
iMenuuStore/Table QR Code STICKERS (10 units) $0 Over 10 units $0.99each
iMenuu restaurant code generator $80 year
iMenuu Contactless Store POS (free setup) $0 Processing $25 minimum
iMenuu PPE $0 Some Restrictions apply
Annual Fee N/A