If you buy a puppy in the evening then we take an extra day to deliver them. Last. Name * First. IF YOU ARE STILL LOOKING FOR YOUR POODLE BABY,AND DON'T SEE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR,  E-MAIL ME AND TELL ME . Browse all products. Our Teacup Poodles come in many colors such as: White, Black, Red, Apricot, Cream, Silver, Chocolate and Parti Poodles - Poodle Breeders - Poodle For Sale - Toy Poodle - Tiny Toy Poodle Poodle Puppies - Velvet Touch Poodles - Tiny Poodle Puppies - Very Tiny Teacup Poodles FAMILY TREE  OF REMY AND HUNK'S LAST BABIES, A NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE, DEPOSIT OF $100.00 MUST BE MADE AT TIME OF SELECTION OF YOUR PUPPY. Become familiar with the traits and  temperament of the breed, and the care required by these amazing little "people in poodle suits". welcome to the best teacup poodles breeders Deluxe Puppy Home® is one of the very first puppy boutique to specialize strictly in toy breed poodle puppies for sale in Texas! Everyone at Protection Dog Sales truly the best of the best – and a blessing to our family. Hi there, on the 9-10-2013 i brought a male pup off you sorry it has taken so long but here are just of few of many of thousands of pictures. Our Toy Poodles will show you there is no other breed for you. We look after our precious Pomeranian, Maltipoo and Teacup Poodle dogs like our own children. We make promises and delivering a guarantee to healthy and happy puppies. Because it may take time to get a health certificate from the vet. Shannon, Dan and Cannon. Keep in mind, the smaller the puppy, the more expensive they can be. Welcome to Katie’s Classy Yorkies.We are a small breeder located in Wilmington, Massachusetts. We are Breeding for Tiny Toy and Toy poodles but do get … teacup poodles breeders Tiny hole in barcode on back art and through booklet. Each teacup puppy breeder has their own definition of what size a teacup poodle should be! Many poodles live a comparatively long life, with the smaller poodles reaching as much as 17 years of age, while the standards tend to live for 12 to 14 years. WE OWN (OR SHALL WE SAY "ARE OWNED BY")  SEVERAL STUNNING LITTLE LADIES AND A CHOCOLATE TEACUP GENTLEMAN . We use most of the airlines to ship our poodle puppies; the airlines having specialized cabin for them. BITITTI'S PUP, SUMMER, AT 2 LBS 6 OZ...FULL GROWN! HOWEVER, CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR MOST RECENT PAST PUPPIES. I breed poodle puppies for health and size quality, not quantity. Name Email Website. Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and all over USA. We want our Teacup … We only have very few puppies to ensure we can give very specific and loving care to each one of the puppies that our happy parents have. If you would like to be notified of the birth of our future litters,  please click the link below and leave an email address where you may be contacted. We feature a zero-tolerance policy for puppy mills or substandard breeding practices of any kind. … We are reputable breeders and exclusively breed Toy Poodles. 2. My passion for poodles started when I … Also loves big dogs – the bigger the better in his eyes and runs circles around them. Pet Breeder . Remember, these are fairly high maintenance dogs. Breeders are purposely breeding them accordingly. Hi , Thought I would send you an update on our pup Squire! Name Email Website. Thank you again Stirling – Cannon is a fine example of your expertise. teacup poodles, tiny teacup poodles, micro teacup poodles, china cup poodles, and pocket poodles. WE'VE COME TO A POINT IN OUR BREEDING CAREER WHERE WE HAVE RETIRED NEARLY ALL OF OUR GIRLS. Poodle Puppy #003. His colouring has also turned out beautiful with just the right amount of Teacup Poodle in him. American Champion Zamora's Coral Fantasy. How do we plan for shipment of our Poodles Puppies… Very light scuffs on disc will not affect play. While their naming convention is a little bit unorthodox, they basically sell smaller toy and teacup Poodles. I hand-raise all my teacup poodles and tiny toy poodle puppies. 936-687-5584. . Considered Toy sized according to AKC category, these pups are super tiny. I AM PROUD TO CONTINUE HIS TRADITION OF TINY, RED TEACUP BABIES. Toy/Teacup Poodle Puppies for Sale in North Carolina. LIMITED TO KEEPING A TOTAL OF ONLY 4 BREEDING DOGS, WE HAVE JUST A FEW OF THESE MAGICAL LITTLE … American Champion Zamora's Love Spell. Our teacup poodle puppies at Lowry Toy average in weight from three to five pounds, and they, in addition, to our other toy poodle puppies are color bred. CLICK TO SEE PAST SHANANIGAN TEACUP POODLESALL GROWN UP!! Is there a Breeder missing from our Best Toy Poodle Breeders in Tennessee (TN) list? First, search our network of vetted breeders for the specific puppy that you like whether that’s a teacup Poodle for sale in Florida, a toy Poodle Florida or a standard Poodle. Shipping expenses are applicable for buyers as per distance. They flew our pup rdown to us and delivered her to our door. Have we missed you from our list? We enjoy absolutely every second with him. TEACUP POODLE PUPPIES AVAILABLE FOR SALE. If, after viewing our site, you like what you see, please click below to let us know how we are doing. ), NOTIFICATION LIST AVAILABLE FOR FUTURE LITTERS. HE IS JUST SHY OF 7" IN HEIGHT. We are small family breeder of AKC registered Forever Teacup puppies. View Details. I have been raising teacup poodle puppies for nearly 24 years, so you are sure to get the best teacup poodles and tiny toy poodle puppies in the United States. Teacups are common in the States. You will love our Apricot and Red Micro Teacup Poodle Puppies. Here is one of his pictures. Page Transparency See More. From adorable little teacup Poodles to big, regal standard Poodles, the breed is famed for being one of the cutest and most elegant around. To reserve a puppy from Fourpoints, a non-refundable deposit of $200 must be paid. Call Only 8am-6pm: 1-888-261-3568. Standard Poodles, Miniature Poodles, and Toy Poodles. MOM, TASIE, IS A 5 LB, TINY TOY, BLACK/RED PHANTOM,WITH STRONG TEACUP LINES. Natalie Braxton, Silver Spring, MD. Email: [email protected]. How do we plan for shipment of our Poodles Puppies? Joe – Teacup Puppies $900.00 $550.00 Add to cart. We decided to call our new puppy Ruben. We use most of the airlines to ship our poodle puppies; the airlines having specialized cabin for them. Our teacups puppies are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of pick up or shipping. littlefuzzyteacuppoodles@windstream.net. About Us We have researched and traveled all over the country to find the best breeding stock of AKC teacup poodles available. They tend to be 9 inches or smaller, and under 6 pounds in weight. We take pride in breeding happy and healthy toy & teacup poodle puppies. Most Toy Poodles live long, happy, healthy lives thanks to the efforts of dedicated, responsible breeders as Larry Poodle who routinely test all breeding stock. If you have a greater interest, and believe that you may want to be considered as a future home for one of our new babies, also include a bit of information concerning the environment that the puppy would be going into, whether you have owned very small dogs before, other pets in the home and the ages of  children in the household, if any. Im just sending a few pictures , the 1st is of Ruben and the other two are George : ) Thanks so much. All Available Puppies Micro Poodle Teacup French Bulldog Teacup English Bulldog Micro Pomeranian Teacup … It is, in reality, a Toy Poodle, but is smaller in size than the AKC Toy Poodle standard. It is, in reality, a Toy Poodle, but is smaller in size than the AKC Toy Poodle standard. It is, in reality, a Toy Poodle, but is smaller in size than the AKC Toy Poodle standard. HOWEVER, I AM ALWAYS HAPPY TO RECOMMEND A COUPLE OUTSTANDING TEACUP BREEDERS THAT I HAVE COME TO KNOW OVER THE YEARS. CTP California Teacup Poodles is a small family owned boutique breeder. POO POO POO POO POO POO POO POO POO POO POO POO, var _nwls=[];if(window.jQuery&&window.jQuery.find){_nwls=jQuery.find(".fw_link_newWindow");}else{if(document.getElementsByClassName){_nwls=document.getElementsByClassName("fw_link_newWindow");}else{if(document.querySelectorAll){_nwls=document.querySelectorAll(".fw_link_newWindow");}else{document.write('<\/scr'+'ipt>');if(window.Sizzle){_nwls=Sizzle(".fw_link_newWindow");}}}}var numlinks=_nwls.length;for(var i=0;i