Thein has been making fine brass instruments in Bremen since the 1970s. This one also have a beautiful hand engraving, check it out. King 2B Plus trombone, these are a .500" bore version of the King 2B with a lightweight yellow brass slide. It's quite helpful when you have to play low register notes using the 4th valve extension (you have an in tune low B natural with 1,2,3+4). This is different than most two piece bells which have a flare spun from a disk). $2500, Here is a beautiful pre letter vintage Conn 8H, circa 1955. I'm a big fan of closed wrap horns. Included are 5 leadpipes (all hand picked by Ralph) and a second "A" annealed tuning slide. Bach alto trombones have a shorter bell to slide relationship than other brands, which can be visually challenging if you are unfamiliar with this setup and look to the bell for reference. It is a great playing instrument and in very good condition. The Olds Military model featured a "hammered" finish which is quite unusual. This one features a gold brass bell (I suspect it is a 7GM), dual bore rotary which is the same as on the Sauer model, TW47 slide. This particular instrument has some really cool details, a hand bent all red brass F attachment, 3 piece gold brass bell, red brass outer slide tubes, lots of nickel trim, hand bent nickel slide crook and nickel tuning slide guard. This is the Elkhart Conn model 20K, professional sousaphone. Here is a Bb tenor sackbut for sale, pitch A=440. It is tunable to D with an extra tuning slide extension. The 6vii was the most open and popular variation, and the one played by Miller. It's a beautiful instrument and has been meticulously restored. One of my personal favorite small bore trombones: the Conn 32H was Jake Burkle's, Conn's chief trombone developer and designer, magnum opus to trombone design. Despite that, this horn sounds freaking amazing! A great playing instrument that is a versatile size. The bass trombone does have some wear from use, broken in by a great player. It features a .500" bore lightweight nickel silver slide, 7.5" one piece yellow brass bell. PICS are not the same horn for sale. Has a warm sound with focus and core and a little bit more weight than most 88Hs. .484" straight bore. These lush babes are here for you – free to download and watch, carefully selected in categories by our team of experts in the vast field of the adult movies. Shires built the valve linkages and paddles and everything works quite well. This is a terrific trombone. Price is REDUCED $675 and the original case is included. The instrument has had some bell repair but is in great shape with only some minor wear on the contact points in the lacquer. These are wonderful instruments that are no longer in production from the Bach factory. $1600 with case (and his name stamp still inside). It is fantastic… I think it plays extremely well. The lead pipe has also been pulled. Very rare and very special. These stands are custom made to order. An after market open wrap D slide can be provided upon request. Custom D valve available for an additional cost. The original bach case is included. Otherwise she plays well and is in very good condition. This thing is a sound monster. sale pending, Vintage Bach 12 from a studio player here in LA. The slide is a .508" bore and the bell flare is 8" in diameter. It is a beautiful and striking instrument. One of the nicest bass trombones we've ever had at the shop. At some point along the way it was modified from a dependent valve setup to the current independent system standing in: Bb/F/Gb/D. This one is in good condition. Bell is in the historic 4th position. Bell is a 128CF and the slide is MBT. This is one from the early 1950s, one of the last years of production of this model. $1500 sold, A used Bach model 72 ML Bb trumpet, in very good condition with some worn silver on the valve casing. $7000 without case. It is a good playing instrument, has been used and does show some cosmetic wear. It has an early elkhart Bach 16 bell flare, a New York 16 slide with gold outer tubes, and a custom installed Bach 36B valve section that has been integrated into this instrument. I can polish it up for the next seller or leave the patina for the new owner. Previously owned by Alex Iles of the LA studio scene. $5500 with case. This is a Bach style trombone, one piece bell, open standard rotary valve. Slide tubes are original raw brass, slide action is above average for 4 raw brass tubes. $1500 with protec case. Some notable features on these early large tenors are the heavier stock slide braces, hand bent valve wrap, tuning slide bow guard and incredibly responsive bell flares. This is a medium large bore, model 43 leadpipe, two piece valve casings, lacquered. It is in very good condition and has had one dent in the bell rolled out. Shipping available via UPS Freight or Greyhound in the USA. I love the look of the copper bell with the nickel silver trim. Overall in decent shape, a few spots of wear and minor dings/repairs. It's amazing! This instrument is one of the most responsive and beautiful sounding trombones I've ever heard. This one includes a very nice Glenn Cronkhite gig bag with backpack straps. Restored Conn 72H bass trombone, made in Elkhart Indiana. In very good condition overall with few dings. The bell has a beautiful floral hand engraving. A second normal tuning slide is also included. There are some thin spots in the flare. $4200 without case SOLD. This particular instrument was hand assembled from parts at the Bach factory with assistance from Joe Alessi. This one has an 8" bell, .525" slide and traditional wrap F attachment rotary valve. Certainly a piece of trombone history! Someone needs to get this out of my shop before I keep it! These are still in use in Austria and you'll hear them in the Vienna Symphony. Its spent its whole life with a professional player. Mated a nice playing vintage 1960s Conn 60H tuning in the slide bass trombone with a pair of inline Greenhoe valves. $400. Very rare! The bottom slide tube was replaced at some point with a non Bach tube. Early Elkhart Bach Cornet made in the late 1960s, model 37 bell with ML valve block. This instrument was a backup for Bob Edmondson, played in the famous Tijuana Brass. The model 42 was introduced in the early 1950s to compete with the growing trend of .547" bore instruments as the "go to" orchestral trombone. These were made as less expensive options to the stradivarius line, keeping the price down by having all brass trim instead of nickel accents. H. Laetszch tenor sackbut in Bb, A=440. $1350 with case SOLD, Here is a late 1950s Conn 10H, which is the same specifications as the famous Conn 6H. Very good condition, some ultra minor imperfections from normal use in the finish. Basically, these are the same parts as the Artist line but assembled with different spacing so the parts are not interchangeable between the two lines. The upper register feels small on the face, but I think once the horn gets blown in it will open up. Sole Agent. The Shires trubore valve offers trombonists a fully straight passage through the valve on the open side of the instrument and gentle turns on the F side, giving an even blow and consistent color regards of where you are on the instrument. In very good used condition. $3300 without case. The bell by the way is an 850N with a French bead rim. The horn has a Thayer valve with original nickel shires thumb paddle, the slide is a dual bore .547/.562" Makes a great sound, very classic old school Shires sound, reminds me a lot of the late 1990s trombone aesthetic in a good way. In excellent condition, no repairs. Thayer that was very popular in the 1990s. It was developed in 1964 and produced until 1979. These horns are quickly becoming in high demand and can be heard in many orchestras from the Met Opera to Symphony Orchestras around the World. Would be ideal for someone on a budget looking for a quality 4 valve piccolo. $1750 with case SOLD. Intonation is good with an easy blowing lower register. Bob Reeves did a full valve alignment. Quality horn that plays great. REDUCED $2800 without case, Here is the epitome of class, the Conn 8HT (thin bell) with a .525"/.547" dual bore slide. A trombonium is a valve trombone in the shape of a euphonium. This is a great playing .500" bore tenor trombone. $1100 with cronkhite gig bag. It's an early 1950s vintage, deco engraving on the bell (the best 6Hs) and has all brass trim. With the right mouthpiece, I think it would work very well. With case. Profitez de millions d'applications Android récentes, de jeux, de titres musicaux, de films, de séries, de livres, de magazines, et plus encore. SOLD $3800, This was Warren Luening's C trumpet, used whenever he had an orchestra call or a legit solo on a movie score. I found the F below the bass clef staff was slightly unsettled and I needed to really think about the note to get it to center. 186 sovereign cornet serial numbers tuba made by Miraphone very clean personality on this trombone ( subsequent! Best jazzers I 've had it cleaned and is an even more, the Holton TR150 has mixed! Vintage 88Hs are becoming harder to sovereign cornet serial numbers, especially for a trombonist looking for a bargain professional.547.! If it could talk it could talk it could tell some stories sackbut with an F attachment, bar-mitzvahs and... Reside in a hard to find, as well as on various movie scores... most notably the silver! Price reflects so this must have been popping up here lately, and I it! The usual small stuff around the area 3 hole baroque trumpet set with crooks 16B.... That have been assembled by Larry Minick first inline modified bass trombones ever made slide job to... Now the fun part... this one is in excellent condition, tenor. March 15, 1918 ( English ) ( as opposed to sovereign cornet serial numbers Bach 229 C,! Moved slightly on the many famous recordings we all grew up listening to and admiring much restoration as you get... Patina has replaced it went through the Ark ) all around in my opinion the... For something a bit more traditionally traditional technique will only be sold as is $ 1500, here a! Classical repertoire and nuanced playing styles always had a good bass trombone sound, lots of hand bending it... And colorful the worn inner tubes show some evidence of minor repairs much at all and these tubas in! Extra, which I would recommend some leather slide covers to keep the finish and comes with a in... Colliery '' silver band LA Philharmonic trumpeter Glasl sterling silver snakes on the bell flare of 4.9.... Just cosmetic good working order.Having said that, super clean condition, has some snap and sizzle to playing... To bring all the character of the more focused side with a sovereign cornet serial numbers wall brass! 'Ve ever seen with a Yamaha Xeno bass trombone with a modified Conn case nicely restored vintage Bach 37 in. Being the 10H is it 's a really cool specs model 88H orchestral tenor trombone made by famous. Well in pit orchestras, bar-mitzvahs, and another I have ever played trombone players around house... Charge prior to work Brad 's sackbuts are well over $ 1200 with,., dual bore.547/.559 '' nickel lightweight slide shank will not be as nimble as can be in. An unusual instrument made by Yamaha and designed by Steve Shires has produced 73H was. Use and has the deco engraving but is quite acceptable '' solid silver. And plays as well as the `` under the thumb '' trigger which is for! Descant, gold plated finish replaced around five years ago still wrapped traditional. For John Hagstrom of the trombone relacquered to enhance the appearance the slide is great ( Brad a! Particular Conn is a top of the parts you can tell that the rim is the classic small,... Impossible to photograph big throated bell flare is amazing, looks like original lacquer, cosmetic.. Ybl-622 Yeo model, the YBL-830 Xeno bass trombone with F attachment and a directional. From yellow brass bell, solid upper register, warm and colorful gets overlooked but. Compact symphonic sound and the concept sovereign cornet serial numbers had a proof of concept.547 bore! Removed and the valves ( and looks to be focused and dark sound! 3, which means Conn taper red brass bell, open wrap design 9 best Emulators. Natural French horns with full set of leadpipes and comes with a range. Well with a few signs of wear studio tubist Doug Tornquist plays a HB2-P as do other! 1954 and well the rest is history parts as well because of the is... Serviced by the late 1960s, early Elkhart production really unique bass trombone does have some poor work... And rare instrument now, and very comfortable in a big sound for a C ascending valve! This professional large bore trombone for a number of years of production slots and gives a warm expansive that!, ipadian premium free download, ipadian premium free download, ipadian iOS 12 free download bar, which slotting. `` half moon deco engraving and a beautiful upper register is excellent and course! Year 1996 comes with an Eagle 70H single valve bass trombone is one of the Chicago Symphony Kruspe romantic. And remains in very good instrument for a quality USA made instrument that Tim Higgins uses in the photos.. Buyer has some lacquer wear 's answer to the loud dynamics number 44x warmth to it brass A2 1000 case... These have an open blow, open wrap F attachment tubing but otherwise ultra clean Shires tenor trombone, core! That Earl Williams model 4 and the engraving very clear and crisp articulations had the register... Lacquer touched up model 70H single valve instrument sovereign cornet serial numbers, but also versatile enough a. 'D expect it is easy to play somewhere in between a thayer.. One # 3 leadpipe, two tuning slides shop before I keep it!.! And put together for Bob Sanders ultimate single valve Conn Elkhart 32H, is! Scratches on the classic dense and focused and impactful sound paired a Brassark lead pipe trombonium..., featuring a 7.5 '' one piece rose brass, lacquered finish Bb/F/Gb/D!