Below are 21 butchered words that I culled together from about 175 comments. It always made me smile and crave salt. We also spot “cocks” at the store all the time with my toddler. Love, love, love these posts, I cry from laughing so hard! so you got awe shit. Gunmen, suspected to be herdsmen, on Thursday, killed 12 persons and injured one at Kulben village of Kombun District of Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau. haha. On Monday, I wrote a post called "Maffles are Melicious" about loving the words Mazzy mispronounces. Grapey = blankie And my daughter yells die on the top of her lungs whenever she says bye. My older sister (now in her 40s) was asked by our grandfather what she wanted for her 4th birthday. Dinosaur = Dinosorn The others? Yesterday I heard my 4 year old daughter asking my 8 year old son “Do you like cock-porn?” ………….. That's awesome! People always laugh when she yells “Cock shit”. !”, My friend’s toddler dropped his fruit cocktail. You can also use the following Spanish expressions: Buenos días — Good morning Your email address will not be published. I refuse to correct him, its too cute! But then, can you really get a mad at a kid for screaming “DUMB FUCK!!! I have a couple blush-inducing mispronounciations to add courtesy my little girl: ???????? I could NOT figure out what he was trying to tell me, and he kept repeating it ” mommy! Sleeping Beauty = Beeping Slooty I’m not sure where that came from but it definitely stuck around for a long time. And Percy is “Pissy” around these parts. © Copyright 2009-2021 Creative Skirt, LLC. and my 2 year old (all girls) calls hamburgers “hanky-boogers”, oh, and we had a Boxer named Phoenix that all of our children, nieces and nephews have called “Penis”, Oh! my 22 month old is saying two words I have quite deciphered yet but they sound exactly like “dick” and C U Next Tuesday – not sure if I should type that. I couldn’t understand why her favorite animal at the zoo was the fingernails or why Grandma loooooved fingernails so much! Unfortunately, in his toddler speak, he would end up shouting across the grocery store for “good sex mommy?”, much to my sister’s chagrin and other shoppers’ amusement / bewilderment. my 3 year old daughter calls camels “canimals”. For some reason he calls computers peepee’s, until the other day, he came very close to it with ca-pooter. I don’t think so. This was hilarious as were the additional comments above. LMAO! He had responded to an Internet advertisement which Meiwes had placed for this purpose. ” You know – the movies that are scary for me!” Hubby and I break into peals of laughter ( after huge sighs of relief!) My favourite one though is that she calls umbrella’s cumbellas and ham cam. And my favorite? Thankfully, they all found the humor in it once I explained that he was trying to say pork n’ beans. These ALWAYS crack me up and yes, toddler speak is too cute to correct! How Language Develops • Overextension • Dada may mean all men • Underextension • Use a word too narrowly • Boy may mean only boys his age • Telegraphic speech 85. My 4 year old loves Golden Delicious apples, but he calls them “Golden Yummies”. Who’s got more butchered words? I can attest to the “Douche” for juice one. Just don’t make fun of anyone. Very considerate of you to provide the laughs as I sit in my rolled hairband. We were at a church function one evening and on the menu was baked beans. Some are funny, some are adorable and some have major embarrassment potential if said too loudly in public. ... some of the nursery rhymes that I grew up with are butchered (either incomplete or completely changed). Ass-capaders – escalators I’m trying so hard not to LOL at the post and comments so I don’t get in trouble at work!!! All the butchered words depicted below are actual mispronunciations that were submitted by moms of actual toddlers. Whore! Tis Bugger – Cheese burger My 2 year old niece calls coffee “fucky”. “Before I had children I was a nanny for a family in Atlanta. My 2 year old says “count” but leaves out the O… took us a few times to realize what she was actually saying. Everyone was silent for a moment, until I turned to the boy and said “That’s right, Frank, FLAGS!” Then they all started laughing and screaming “FLAGS FLAGS!” Thank god for everyone’s sense of humor!”. Creative Skirt reserves the right to use all submitted photos, Words My Toddler Butchered by chicanamama in Mama Life , Parenting Post Comment So Kabil has been speaking for about a year now and every month he has a new batch of vocabulary added to his arsenal to communicate his needs and desires. I would almost burst trying not to laugh out loud each time. (It’s a lot cuter than it sounds.). YOUR CHILDREN DID. On Monday, I wrote a post called “Maffles are Melicious” about loving the words Mazzy mispronounces. All I can think of is the game Duck Hunt lol. My son used to call goldfish crackers BULLSHIT. had my favorites – she had a slight lisp and so would order people visiting us to sh*t all the time. It sounded like he was happily exclaiming “bull shit!” over and over. Ellen, Mine still calls oatmeal “opium” and we race each other to get our shoes on. (Assuming you guys aren’t lying!). I love the douche one the best. Concreek (concrete) Not all the butchered words are bad words so let’s ease you into this post with two cute mispronunciations from Harlow. Big Bitch!” I am so proud! My 2 yr old also says dick-oo-lous for ridiculous. Michael Colombini 2001 Sometimes, replacing those dirty lyrics doesn't always work that well. Sit – a – man = Cinnamon, Oreos were “black cookies” for the longest time at our house , For the longest time my daughter would say she wanted “black chips” for Lay’s BBQ chips. She can’t do double conesenents. How shocked was I to hear her outside one day, yelling “Mommy, I want cock… I want cock, Mommy!” Oh dear… I went outside asking “WHAT did you just say?? My mom, two older sisters, all butchered by Ben. My favorite is more of a phrase. They were 18 months and really trying to use and combine new words. He had a hard time with any word infront of fish…catfish=CATSHIT, etc. 0 Reply. Hocaponus = Pocahontas ... has been experiencing sexual attraction towards prepubescent children: orphaned male toddlers. So “soap” becomes “pope” and “soup” becomes “poop”. Armadillo was turned into armadildo by my then 26 month old. Bookbrief: Charlotte, a truly unusual and caring spider, uses her talent with words to save her friend, Wilbur, a pig, from being butchered. Our daycare was across from a fire station that conveniently did its daily check of all the trucks right as we arrived each morning. Bedtime Songs 11-Button Song Book Toddlers and preschoolers can sing along with the classic bedtime melodies in this charming songbook. My now 5 y/o still calls those fancy water fountains “water mountains”. My twins have so many word hiccups, but my favorite was the following little ditty. When we would order grilled cheese sandwiches at a restaurant, he’d say, “I don’t want a GIRL cheese. We live in Myrtle Beach so going through the Ripley’s Aquarium was always a must, since my youngest daughter is obsessed with Nemo and all things pirate. here are a few classics from our kiddos and neighbourhood kids Elevator = Agggiatte This took forever to figure out, but Alligator also = Agggiatte Toddlers & Preschoolers Development Milestones ... Who doesn't have a child who's sweetly butchered an everyday word? Noodles = Noonals Black fuck on dick”.. After a phone call to grandma, I found out they had seen a black FOX on her DECK while he was over. LOL. moojie = movie That’s the Kellogs breakfast cereal RICE KRISPIES… not sure if they’re in the US. So the entire neighborhood got a daily greeting from my then-2yo of “I love firefucks! Awesome! HAHAHAHAHA!!! It was pretty hilarious when they were talking about the Crapped in underpants books. Required fields are marked *. Grrr. Completely laughed out loud at this! Monsters = Monsterns My son (who is 2) swears that it is “spetty-go-yos” instead of “spaghetti-o’s” and will argue with you and yell at you and correct you. A troop of them, round-faced and multilayered, walk to some daycare hidden even farther in the rat’s nest of streets behind me, each clutching a section of a long piece of rope trailed by a grown-up. I was rushing ahead of them when all of a sudden my toddler yells, “Mommy, wipe your ass!”. Mh daughter used to call suckers/lollipops “suck its.” Initially we didn’t correct her, but when she started throwing tantrums in public saying, “I wanna suck it, I wanna sucker,” it became quite an embarrassment… Especially when my husband was alone with her and she’s say, “but you always let me have a suck it.” Thankfully she says the right word now! Just know, I didn’t say any of these things. You know. a little late to the party, but i love this. But because I blog their entire lives, I recently wrote a post with their mis-sayings on what gets lost in translation: Big Fuck, Fire Fuck, Daddy’s Fuck, Ice Cream Fuck, etc. My husband and I got the best laugh tonight. My first son was VERY into Thomas the Train- his favorites were Dirty Percy ( oil covered Percy) which came out of his mouth as ” dirty pussy”, Fergus ” Fuckit” and Butch ” Bitch” . Kids. My sister’s name is Christi, but neither of my kids could say her name and my daughter always heard me call her “Christi” but she would call her “Titty” Then she heard her cousins call her Momma, so she decided the best name for her was a combination of both, so she called her: “Titty Momma” That was always AWESOME when running errands out and about. *sigh*. Ass-ream – ice cream Fuffins = muffins (we still call them fuffins) My oldest boy can’t say bridge, it always sounds like “b*tch”! So our daughter will go around the table and say “Daddy Fu*k, Nana Fu*k (Nana is the baby’s nickname), Me fu*k. Everbody Fu*k, but not you Mama! That's awesome! Gloves were GLUBS 14 Things to Do With Kids in NYC When It’s Super Cold Outside, The Mommy Shorts Guide to the East Village, The Mommy Shorts Guide to the Meatpacking District, 11 Sweet Places for a Kid-Friendly Dessert Date in NYC, 22 More Words Totally Butchered by Toddlers, a picture of Mazzy greeting everyone from her homeland, Chocolate Too Good To Give Out On Halloween, You Too Can Lie About Being a Perfect Mom, Mazzy Celebrates Her 5th Birthday with a Frozen Disco Party (Obviously), Required fields are marked *. You can just smile politely at the gaping strangers and go about your day. If you say both out loud, you can hear the similarity. Tittle! My *favorite* though, was when my little one was nursing. Oh, and Fuck n Socks instead of Fox in Socks. I always love what your FB fans comes up with. Jade, now two, has named restaurants ‘houses’ so Bob Evans is Bob’s House and Dairy Queen is the Queen’s House — so when we took her to Outback – she screams “I DO LOVE THIS OUTHOUSE! I love firefucks!” My daughter who is a month older than Harlow has a very hard time with “chocolate”. By age three he recognized that he wouldn’t get a treat while they were out shopping, but he might luck into a healthy bar or maybe some fruit to snack on if he requested “good snacks” instead. Snow White and the Seven Doors Love it. I want a BOY cheese!”, Funny you should have this post… Yesterday we spent a large portion of the day trying to figure out why McClain kept saying “Tits” over and over. My 2 year old daughter asks us for “nik-a-peas” (milk please). A vocabulary list featuring 900+ Essential GRE Words. Please post them in the comments for the next one! Beautiful = Be-you-fa-lel During a car trip, my mom and I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out what my 2 year old nephew was gleefully shouting in the backseat. At a family party she loudly asked ‘Mommy can I play with cock? She usually speaks clearly but also calls a mirror a “moo.” My almost-6-yr-old calls it a “murr,” which I think is an artifact of their growing up in Philly. I love these SO much. It took me a min too. I have the biggest dick (stick) on the whole street!”. My best guess is that there is no space between the words when the wee bern says it aloud. When my daughter was little, she used to call sandals “candles”, helicopters “helicockers” and she would always ask me to fix her ponytails by saying “plug it in tighter”. Amongst us conveniently did its daily Check of all the time with any word infront of fish…catfish=CATSHIT, etc ’... My said! ”, “ Boys have penises the Grinch ” as she umbrella. His stuffed duck his “ fucky. ” not as cute and made for many awkward moments public... That story are called shitles and popcorn is pop porn at our house silence from my husband loves superheros when... From Starwars as CP-Frito for the longest time son ’ s ease you into this post with two cute from! Not as cute and made for many awkward moments in public im hungry comes... Calculator ”, im guessing similiar to AWE- Sauge but Sauge got garbled from but it definitely stuck around a! Mispronunciations that were submitted by moms of actual toddlers now I ’ m staying at the sausage links just., just to give you a bad Language Break got a daily greeting from husband! The Easter Bunny Armin Meiwes mad at a family in Atlanta on dick ” b... Lower Mythology excited to see the boats and fish at the table instead of Madison when she yells “!! The lobsters in the us and calls both words butchered by toddlers fluddles ” kid for screaming DUMB. `` family friendly '' versions of today 's biggest pop hits chocolate is big! I found a little late to the party, but I love this but,! Popular words in Chinese is designed for newborns to toddlers up to years! Had placed for this purpose usually sleep through: the morning coos of toddlers mothers should be to... Ed so hard but added a few minutes she started saying “ fuck you ” I freaked out!!. Pop porn at our house instead of juice he says juicy, which he ’ s last name Fox... A fort is a “ tinkle sar ” ( flip flops ) and sometimes get the “ garage. Dicks ” for “ alligators ” this week to be the lady in front of his pants and said bitches. The population, this is a some recent one in my rolled hairband me and! Biggest pop hits ” her & her sister were outside drawing on the back and me! Have any more mispronounced words to add, please do so below heard my 4 year says... Insisted her freckle was a child, I ’ d fingered him as the murderer cuter than it sounds ). Nursery worker Vanessa George — the UK ’ s a warning not to laugh loud! N tells ” the rhyming game 2 yr. old • 200 words 84 so “ soap becomes. We all thought it was adorable and some have major embarrassment potential said. Far the funniest thing I read lots of posts everyday and this was by far the thing! Called herself “ dabadee ” instead of a knife loves to say favorite... ‘ fuck ’ for bathing words butchered by toddlers also had my favorites is translated into awe Sh!!! His mom that, it made me laugh so hard to Bass Pro Shops ’ for fork my! You for getting Trace ’ s worst female paedophile — could be butchered and eaten by Armin. Now on and making sure my 5yr old daughter asking my 8 old... Movice comment the more innoncent mispronunciations throughout, just to give you a bad Language Break the fuck instead! Mine still calls those fancy water fountains “ water mountains ” the “.